V Blender

V blender

V Blender for Pharmacceutical

V-Shell Blenders uniformly displace materials for a complete blending of products via the intermeshed action of two inclined cylinders attached together in the form of a “V”. This results in precise blending with short mix cycles. Tumble blending is most suited to products of uniform product size and density, and where requirements for fast, thorough cleaning are desirable in sanitary applications.

For applications requiring dispersion of minor ingredients, and/or breaking up materials, which tend to form agglomerates, the blender can be equipped with a solids intensifier bar (beater or pin type), which is designed for ease of removal.

V Shape Blander

Pharmaceutical V Blender

For incorporation of liquids, the intensifier bar shaft is hollow, and equipped with a feed tube to dispense liquid between the beater bar discs in a finely atomized spray throughout the mix. Batch working capacities range from 50 to 6000 liters.

For products having poor flow properties, a shell design having a 70° angle is available upon request.

Convertible models are available for the customer who does not have an immediate requirement for use of an agitator but has the possibility for future applications. This design includes a pre-machined blender idler shaft to accept bearing, seal assembly, and insertion of the agitator assembly. The Idler shaft hub ends are supplied with stainless steel caps and a motor base plate is installed on the support frame for future installation of the agitator drive. At the time of conversion, the agitator assembly complete with bearing and seal assemblies, motor, V-belt drive, and guard are furnished for installation without disrupting the equipment.

Why V Blenders Are Trusted in Pharmaceutical Blending Applications

A V blender is a type of equipment that the pharmaceutical industry uses for various blending applications.

The primary reason V blender mixing is so critical for the pharmaceutical industry is because pharma companies must adhere to strict production guidelines. Included in that is extensive testing and quality assurance to ensure that all ingredients are thoroughly mixed. V blender mixing ensures the quality of the final product.

V Blender is one of the popular tumbler blender that are used in the pharmaceutical, chemical or food processing industry.

Diffusion is the central mechanism of V blender mixing, which means that small-scale and random motions blends solid particles. As the movements of the blender increase, the individual particles separate and recombines which promotes diffusive blending. Without segmenting effects, in time, this results in a high level of homogeneity.

Although the actual blend time depends on the type and size of the granules, it usually takes between 5 and 15 minutes.

The volume of material added to the blender is what dictates the efficiency of this blending method. For the optimal outcome, experts recommend no more than 50 to 60 percent of the total volume.

At Abster Equipment we make custom V Blenders with wide range of working capacity from 5 to 150 cubic. All our V Blenders have customizable options like CIP system, liquid addition, intensifier bars and valve type.


Model Total volume 
Material Capacity
Working Capacity
VB-50 50 25 15 25
VB-150 150 75 45 20
VB-300 300 150 90 20
VB-500 500 250 150 18
VB-1000 1000 500 300 15
VB-1500 1500 750 450 12
VB-2000 2000 1000 600 12
VB-3000 3000 1500 900 9
VB-4000 4000 2000 1200 9
VB-5000 5000 2500 1500 8
VB-6000 6000 3000 1800 8
VB-8000 8000 4000 2400 6
VB-10000 10000 5000 3000 6
MOC Contact Parts - SS 316 / 316L
Non-contact Parts - SS 304
Optional - Pin Intensifier Bar
- Beater Bar
- Drum Loading System
- Vacuum transfer system
- PLC control with HMI
- Side platform
- Ladder
- IQ, OQ and DQ documentations

*Specification can be changed as per customers requirements

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